Towards radically different, positive worlds is a interactive web experience designed to help us learn about three of the most urgent transitions of our time: in climate, biodiversity, and human life.

Climate change is already threatening us and the planet's ecosystem. We need to move rapidly from a way of living that destroys nature to one that restores it. This requires us to imagine a radically different and truly sustainable future, and understand the actions we need to take to get there.

Thinking in transitions can help. This website is a framework for getting started.

Transition — Human Life

The world we have


The world we want


Pathway — How can we reinvent our everyday lifestyle?
Transition — Biodiversity

The world we have


The world we want


Transition — Climate

The world we have


The world we want


Pathway — How do we decarbonise the most carbon-intensive industries?

Find the actions you can take

One website can never present a complete picture. There are countless other transition pathways, obstacles and breakthroughs before us.

But it is an important starting point. The transitions presented here help us understand some of the actions available to us – as individuals, communities, businesses and governments – that can improve our relationship with the natural world.

The best first step depends on who you are, which leverage points you have access to, and what you're most passionate about. We hope this website helps you choose a path forward, so you can play your part in building a positive future.

About the project

This project is a collaboration between the R&D Group of Hitachi, Ltd. and Takram ↗ , a design innovation studio based in Tokyo, London and New York. The content is based on a research project, Transitions to sustainable futures ↗ , which examined nine transitions from the perspective of leading organisations and individuals.

For this web experience, we focused on three of these transitions to highlight:

  • 1.

    How transition thinking can help us describe and visualise global challenges

  • 2.

    How different pathways and transitions are interconnected

  • 3.

    How alternative, positive futures can be imagined in the wake of recent crises

  • 3.

    Further resources that explore the actors, theories, and data behind each obstacle and breakthrough

Project team

Project Vision and Research Concept: Koji Sasaki (Hitachi)

Creative Direction: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram)

Web Design & Research: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram), Jonathan Skjøtt (Takram), Michael Pecirno (Takram)

Illustration and art direction: Visun Le Duong ↗

Animation: Julien Pilipczuk ↗

Sound design: Manabu Shimada ↗

Copy editing: Reed Words ↗

Fact checking: Kayla Cohen

PR in UK: Zetteler ↗

PR in Japan: Yoshimi Irie

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